10 Short Holi Wishes 2020

In this article, you will get 10 short 1-liners for Holi 2020. Holi is also known as the “Festival of Colours” and also known as “Festival of Love”. 10 special collections are listed below:

1. “Let the colours of Holi bring you joy and happiness.”

2. “The colours of Holi resembles the colours of love.”

3. “Make your life colourful with colours of Holi.”

4. “The warmth of Holi may bring prosperity, love and happiness to you and your family.”

5. “May the bright colours of Holi, brighten your life.” 

6. “In this Holi, may your relationship nourishes with colours of love.”

7. “Forgive & forget previous mistakes and repair broken relationships with the splash of colours.”

8. “May the bright colours of Holi helps you to get remembered in the dark situations of life.”

9. “May the colours of Holi express your love, joy and happiness.”

10. “Start a journey of colourful life with colours of Holi.”
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