Holi 2020

Holi is known as the “Festival of Colours”. It is also popularly known by different names such as “Festival of Spring”, “Festival of Joy” & “Festival of Love”. It is an Indian Festival which later on became popular in some other parts of Asia and Western World. 

Holi is an ancient HINDU religious festival which became popular with other NON-HINDUS as well. Holi signifies the arrival of spring & the end of winter, the blossoming of love. It is also a festive day for many people to meet each other, play with colours and laugh, forgive and forget, and repair broken relationships. For some Hindus believes that Holi symbolizes the beginning of a new year as an occasion to reset and renew broken relationships, end conflicts and to get rid themselves of emotional impurities from the past. It lasts for two days, i.e., a night & a day, starting on the evening of Purnima ending on the other day. 

This year (2020) Holi will begin in the evening of Monday, 9th March and ends in the morning of Tuesday, 10th March. The eve of the day one before main Holi is called Holika Dahan i.e, in english it is called Bonfire or burning of demon Holika, in other words, Doljatra and the next day as Holi. The celebrations starts on the evening before Holi with a bonfire also known as “Holika Dahan” where crowd gathers, performs rituals in front of the bonfire, pray in front of the bonfire; that their intrenal evil gets destroyed, the way that demon Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashipu, was killed in the fire and then people sings, dances and enjoys among themselves. The next day is Holi, also known as “Dhuli” in Sanskrit is celebrated by playing colours. 

Everyone is welcomed in the game of colours - children or elders, friend or stranger, men or women, rich or poor. People are teased with colours, fights with colours, people chase their targets with colours and make sure that their target is completely covered up with colours. The game of colours takes place on open streets, open grounds, outside of temples, open parks etc. People uses water guns filled with colours, colour-filled balloons, chases their target with these and coloured up their targets. People laughs and gossips, and then they share Holi delicacies, sweets (such as Dahi-bada, Puranpoli, Gujia etc.) and drinks (known as Bhang). After that, people clean up, takes bath, put up new clean clothes, visits their family and friends, greets each others.
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